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Are you ready to have great posture?

Our 21-day Posture Camp gives you curated exercises to help gently build stronger and more flexible postural muscles, so that it’s easier to maintain and feel comfortable in your spine’s natural curvature.

Once a week for three weeks, you’ll receive fresh, themed poses in your inbox; each chosen, curated, and modeled by our yogi friends at Unfold Yoga and Wellness.

When you’ve made it through your three week challenge, you’ll get a surprise from us and feel better than ever.

Each week, Posture Camp will focus on a different part of the body.

Our friends at Unfold Yoga and Wellness have designed this custom, 3 week program to focus on the key parts of the human body that contribute most to poor posture.

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Disclaimer: Be mindful as you try these exercises. Any exercises or stretches included in Posture Camp must be performed at your own risk—Unfold Yoga and Wellness, Focal Upright and Safco Products are not responsible for any injury or harm induced as a result of Posture Camp. Thanks for your understanding.