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Our line of stylish ergonomic furniture fits seamlessly into your small office or home office space, getting you upright and active while taking care of business.

AN ALARMING TREND:The Unhealthy Home Office

One in five American workers has the option to work remotely, but few make the most of this amazing trend in the workforce. Ergonomics and aesthetic design are essential in today’s modern office buildings, but the home office is lagging behind!

Too many telecommuters choose to work from their couches, beds, or kitchen tables. And while these options make us feel at home, they leave us in a slumped, sedentary posture (and potentially still in our PJs) for the whole day. This is especially bad, because people who work from home actually work longer hours, so your work setup matters even more for your health and well-being.

Your home office should inspire you, not make you tired and unhealthy.

(Oh, and we’re speaking from personal experience, since we have a very welcoming work from home culture at Focal!)

Sitting Problems


FOCAL FIT:The Pivot Seat

Whether you are designing your home office from scratch, or are just looking for some small changes to up your office game, Focal Upright is here to help you find the perfect setup.

A simple solution to upgrade your home office is to add Focal’s most versatile (and maybe our coolest) seat, the Pivot.

  1. Tri-Flex Seat Cushion has built-in sitz bone contours for plush support and a waterfall edge to to reduce pressure on the upper legs and promote healthy circulation
  2. Seat pan is cantilevered forward to promote the optimal open hip angle
  3. Easy-adjust piston-release handles lift and lower the seat, encouraging a range of postures from active sitting to leaning
  4. Pivoting seat leg empowers you to move 360 degrees
  5. The weighted base leverages your center of gravity to support various degrees of use, so you can rock (and not roll)
  6. Rubber Octogrip Overmold enables you to enjoy a full range of motion while maintaining control

If you’re looking for an extreme home office makeover, check out the Locus Bundle Pro, or any of our other home office products.

What We've Heard 'Round the Water Cooler

Ian’s Mogo makes for a stellar mobile home office.

“The Mogo for me is the perfect addition to a field shoot…being able to keep some of the weight off while I’m shooting and maintain a good posture is great.”

After Omar suffered a severe lower back injury in 2005, he finally found a supportive home office work station.

“I decided to purchase the Locus 4 Bundle Pro. It has allowed for me to experience comfort and enjoy work again!”

Katie pairs her home office standing desk with a Mogo, which gives her body a sense of freedom while working.

“It feels really nice to [be] supported and also be able to move easily.”

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