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The Focal Experience

Upright in Action

A pogo stick. A scooter. A Segway. These are all objects Focal Upright products have been compared to at first glance. We get it. Our products do not look like most office furniture. By design, they feel different too.

Watch as these first time Focal users get their lean on.


“Wow. Very comfortable. I’m actually surprised.”

Woman in the Navy Blazer


“Oh yeah! I love it. It even works for short people.”

Woman in the Patterned Scarf


“That is amazing. Yeah baby. Wink.”

The Man at 00:59

Katie Rowe-Mitchell

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Yogi, Unfold Yoga + Wellness

Katie Rowe-Mitchell is a wellness warrior. For more than a decade, she worked behind a desk in a large corporate office and seriously suffered as a result of her sedentary work style. She felt overworked, overstressed, and physically uncomfortable in her workspace. In contrast, Katie found that she felt most engaged on both a physical and mental level when she was teaching yoga. The more she engaged with her students, the more she realized that her office problems were not isolated. Many of her clients articulated the same problems that Katie herself was experiencing as a result of their shared sedentary workstyles.

Katie put two and two together and realized that her intimate understanding of corporate environments and knowledge of yoga and meditation positioned her to make a change. So, she teamed up with her friend and fellow yoga instructor Nicole Elipas Doherty to launch Unfold Yoga + Wellness, a startup that brings accessible yoga and meditation practices to corporate offices. Katie left her corporate job and began working on Unfold Yoga + Wellness full-time from her home office.

Looking to work more actively, Katie built a standing desk and began working upright. She soon found that, despite being physically active, she felt fatigued standing all day. Enter the Mogo. Using the Mogo with her standing desk enables Katie to take an active break from standing, keeping her energy up and her muscles engaged. Katie has found that using the Mogo gives her a sense of freedom in her body while working. “It feels really nice to feel supported and also be able to move easily.”


San Francisco

Radically innovative companies require equally innovative workspaces.

Meet Flux, a San Francisco based start-up and (Google X spin out) that is creating software to reimagine sustainable building design.

In 2012, Flux founder Nicholas Chim was looking for a workstation that kept him energized and on task. Fortunately, he found Focal Upright and became one of our earliest adopters. Chim’s Locus Workstation attracted some serious attention from his employees who soon wanted an upright workstation of their own. So much attention, in fact, that after coming back to the office after a business trip, Chim found that one of his employees had claimed the workstation for his own. Understanding the importance of keeping his employees healthy and happy, Chim has since outfitted his new office with Focal products and offers a Locus Workstation to any employee who would like one. Flux’s culture emphasizes energy, creativity, and collaboration and Focal Upright’s Locus Workstation inspires just that.

Why Work Upright?

Boost energy, reduce back pain, and have more office dance parties.