Our Mission to Make Work Play | Focal Upright


The Mission
(oh yeah, we chose to accept it)

Our mission is simple: make work play in spaces across the globe.

You have to work. You probably have to work in an office. But you do not have to be bored and uncomfortable.

Focal Upright empowers you to break free from your sedentary lifestyle, embrace your humanity and add a little play into your day, as well.

The human body evolved to move throughout the day. The human mind evolved to be creative through play. It is about time your office environment evolved to meet the needs of the modern worker through better design and better tools.



You build.



You think.



You live.

“Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions.”

Mark Twain

Ergonomics are boring. You are not.

See how Martin Keen, Focal Upright’s founder, has turned conventional ergo-wisdom on its head with a radically simple approach to design.

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