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We Moved Offices!

May 8, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Design

In April 2017, Focal moved offices to a lovely spot nestled against Greenwich Bay. Without doting too much on the past, our old space wasn’t totally well-suited to reflect our company mission of embodying workplace wellness. Now we have big windows showing off the water, soaring ceilings, and ample space for all our workstations (and lots of organizing to do).

Here’s what we’d like to brag about:

1. Restaurants
This may sound counterintuitive, considering the money we’re spending and the calories we’re consuming, but all the restaurants around us are benefiting our health. Since we’re lucky to be close to some nice lunch spots, it’s an easy incentive to get up, get out of the office, and take a walk. If you’re lucky to be in the same situation, take advantage and treat yourself once in awhile!


2. Natural light
As we mentioned, we’re loving our big windows. Surprise: humans can’t handle darkness for forty hours a week. Natural light is vital for good mental health, according to ample research and this PLOS study, which explains how light makes us happier and more alert, especially in conjunction with exposure to nature. No windows around? Try a sun lamp, especially during the winter months.

3. Greenery
Speaking of nature, we’re lucky to have quick access to the ocean and lots of tree-filled spaces. There’s no lack of research supporting the notion that nature helps mental health. Stanford University researchers found in a 2015 study, for example, that a group of people who walked through a nature park for 90 minutes were less anxious–and had decreased activity in the area of the brain associated with depression–than a group who walked through an urban setting. Apparently, even looking at pictures of nature can have a positive effect on mood and stress levels. If you don’t have a nice tree to look at out your window, try switching your screensaver to something woodsy.


What We’re Still Working On
Because our space is an open-plan office, we’re figuring out how to make partitioned, private spaces for solo work. And for quiet work at that–noise levels are a little rough in here right now, so sound-absorbing boards and materials are high on our wishlist.

Since we’re still settling in, boxes are also all over the place (we should probably follow our own spring cleaning advice). We’re feeling comfy in our new space, but we’ve got work to do!