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Make Halloween Happen at Work: 5 Creative Ideas

October 26, 2016  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: The 9-5 Grind


Maybe you don’t work at Yahoo, which hosts 600 workers and their families at their lavish annual Halloween party made up of a costume parade, trick-or-treating at the CEO’s office, and pumpkin carving. Maybe you’re mad that Halloween falls on a workday this year. Hello, Monday.

But All Hallows’ Eve at work doesn’t have to be disappointing. Read on for ideas.

1. Dress Up (Right)
A simple one. Putting together a Halloween getup can be a great way to show off your personality and inspire a lighthearted atmosphere (and if you’re tight with coworkers, nothing shows off your squad love better than a great group costume). Remember to keep it simple and avoid anything offensive–there’s a difference between bringing out your creative side and making others feel uncomfortable.

If you refuse to toss on some cat ears, dress up your desk or your office pet instead. At the very least, sift through these life-changing images from an amazing Halloween Dog Parade.

2. Host A Festive, Team-Building Event
Who doesn’t love a break from the daily grind? Try hosting a pumpkin carving contest and invite your coworkers’ families. Make it a match between employees or groups of employees. Either way, you’ll be sneaking in creative team building.

3. (And Run It by Your Boss First)
Here’s how to propose an event to your boss strategically. The low-down: sell potential opportunities like an entrepreneur, get other respected workers’ help, and focus on the positive.

4. Take a Candy Break
It’s difficult to reject that glowing bowl of refined sugar left on the conference table, but less so when you make and bring in your own healthy candy.

5. Volunteer
Considering that the office might feel restless on Halloween anyway, channeling energy into a day of volunteering can be a great break from the day-to-day. Find a cause your company can get behind and feel great about giving back to your community. Even a couple hours of help counts.

Honorary #6: Shop Mobis in Halloween colors(!)