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Friday Link Bundle: A Wave Bridge for Surfers, Perfect Lemonade, and More

August 10, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Link Bundles

Here’s what the great interweb bestowed upon us this week.

The Making Of “The Dock” via Volcom
This wave bridge for surfers is an insane design feat–and really beautiful to watch roll over ocean waves.

Still via Volcom

Because it’s the Middle of the Day: Office Dogs
~FRESH from our blog~ Allow yourself to click and be enveloped by pups.

The Most Beautiful Lighthouses in America via Ciara Appelbaum, Business Insider
Hey, Rhode Island! #thatsright

RI Design Week 2017
While you’re in Rhode Island visiting the country’s most beautiful lighthouses, check out Design Week 2017, hosted by DesignxRI across the ocean state September 13-24.

Fresh Mint Lemonade via Rose Water & Orange Blossoms
A summer staple. Sugar, water, lemons, mint, ice, done. For a healthy version, check out this option that swaps out processed sugar for coconut sugar, nectar, or honey.

Pic via Rose Water & Orange Blossoms

The best podcasts to listen to in August 2017 via Bello Collective
Learning and listening to stories can be the perfect way to get your creativity flowing. Discover how a whole town won the lottery, whether you can fall in love with anyone, and more.