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Friday Link Bundle: Smart Sheets, Nap Bars, and Forest Bathing

August 18, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Link Bundles

Here’s what the great interweb bestowed upon us this week.

How Exercise Could Help You Learn a New Language via Gretchen Reynolds, NYTimes
“Sitting for hours and hours without moving is not the best way to learn.”

Sit Any Damn Place You Please With This Wearable Chair via Trace William Cowen, Complex
Wild. We’d love to try one of these.

Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs, say scientists via Liz Connor, Evening Standard
The chemical casein (found in all dairy products) can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors, producing a feeling of euphoria linked to those of hard drug addiction.

You’ll never make your bed again with these smart sheets via Kellen Beck, Mashable
You know you want this.

‘Nap Bars’ Are Officially a Thing Now—Would You Try It? via Cara Sprunk, Runner’s World
A new “nap bar” in Spain called Siesta & Go is becoming popular. Will the U.S. follow suit?

Is Forest Bathing the Summer’s Version of Hygge? via Liz Steelman, Real Simple
Searches for “forest bathing” have increased by 152 percent this year on Pinterest.