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Friday Link Bundle: Sleep Wonders, Oyster Vending Machines, and Weird Fitness Trends

September 1, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Link Bundles

Here’s what the great interweb bestowed upon us this week.

This podcast is all about the wonders of night, via The New Yorker

Fall is sneaking in, and hopefully so are these banana maple oaty walnut muffins with maple butter this Sunday morning. No-nonsense ingredients, just goodness, via From The Kitchen

Rhode Islanders are apparently late to the game–oysters just went on sale in vending machines in Southwestern France, via NY Daily News

Curiosities about sleep you probably didn’t already know, via Van Winkle’s

9 reasons to exercise early in the morning, via NBC News

Crawling, mermaid classes, and skateboard pilates are some of 2017’s weirdest fitness trends, via Sporteluxe