Friday Link Bundle: Jungle Gym Movies, Ballet and CrossFit | Focal Upright

Friday Link Bundle: Jungle Gym Movies, Ballet and CrossFit

June 16, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Link Bundles

We’re giving away a Mogo!
Summer is here! Until June 18th, 2017, enter for a chance to win a Mogo, our portable leaning seat. At just two pounds, Mogo collapses fully to fit in your tote bag or strap to your backpack. Bring it to the sidelines of your kid’s soccer game, or take it to the campground–the seat’s turf tip keeps you stable on all outdoor surfaces.
At these movie theaters, kids can play on a jungle gym next to their parents’ seats via LA Times
Is this a dream for parents with fidgety kids? We think it’s a great idea to try — letting kids embrace and unleash energy almost always seems the right way to go.

Hammocraft Hammock Float via Hi Consumption
This mega hammock float is on our wishlist for the summer.

CrossFit athletes trying to keep up with professional ballerina Isabella Boylston will make you appreciate the athleticism of ballet via Self
Everyone has their own art and means of keeping in shape, but it can be refreshing to venture outside your comfort zone once in awhile. This vid made us laugh!

A week of really awesome office lunches via Bon Appetit
Planning lunch ahead= always the best option. Here’s some inspo to get going.

Why Fidgeting is Good Medicine via NYTimes
If you’re a natural fidgeter and have to sit all day at work, here’s some news for you.