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Friday Link Bundle: Bicycle Elevators, Coffee Naps, and Sunscreen Scams

July 14, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Link Bundles

Here’s what we’re reading this week.

This Yoga Board can Help Intensify Your Workout via Michelle Yan, Mashable
We’re a huge fan of balance boards at standing desks. Naturally we’d love to try this Yogaboard from Strobel & Walter, too.

Vertical Transportation Concept allows City Dwellers to Cycle Up Skyscrapers via Ali Morris, Dezeen
These magical pedal-powered elevator systems should exist in all office buildings.

Really, Really Short Workouts via Tara Parker-Pope, NYTimes
There’s never enough time to exercise, right? Think again–H.I.I.T. might be for you.

You know soda is bad for you. Kick the habit with these tips. via Christy Brissette, Washington Post
Lemon water, anyone?

73 Percent Of Sunscreens Don’t Work. Here Are The Ones That Do via Emma Loewe, MindBodyGreen
Stay protected out there–look for zinc and and titanium dioxide.

Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone via Vox
Need an energy surge? There’s nothing like a short spurt of movement to reinvigorate the mind. But next, try this.