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Focal is Five!

May 18, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Lifestyle

We can’t believe it, either. It was all the way back in May 2012 when Martin and Mary Keen took a strange-looking seat to the country’s biggest furniture event and blew everybody away.

Now, five years later, Focal has a whole suite of products designed to help you make the most out of each and every day. Thousands of people have joined our mission to make wellness fit into our working lives, and we just wanted to say thank you.

Take a trip down memory lane with us.


Martin working in his infamous red barn during the KEEN Footwear days–at this time he was also making prototypes of what would become the Locus Seat (pictured at center). We culled these images from our blog post about the history of the Locus Seat.


More of the red barn; “Focal pod” and other booth materials headed for pickup and shipment to New York for company launch at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in 2012.


On left: original Locus Seat with its retro wooden base and tiny anti-fatigue mat! On right: updated Locus outfitted with a longer anti-fatigue mat, sans bulky knob on the ramp.


On Left: the Mogo launches in 2013 (without a seat cushion!). On right: its comfier, up-to-date model.


On left: first Locus Seat shipments go out. On right: Mobis launches and ships in 2014.


Focal’s logo goes brighter and sleeker in 2015.


On left: Focal moves to North Kingstown. On right: now warehouse-free, Focal upgrades to a more modern locale in 2017.