Ultimate Office Giveaway Winners

  Congratulations to our winners! Grand Prize $2000 Giftcard – Valerie Pivot Seat ($279 value) – Ted Mogo Seat ($99 value) – Megan Mogo Seat ($99 value) – Harold Mogo Seat ($99 value) – Erika All winners will be contacted via their entering email at 4pm EST 11/16/17 and will have 48 hours to respond. […]

The Case for Leaning

    Standing at my desk for work is definitely better than sitting (since sitting is the new smoking), but if lower back pain is the trade off, count me OUT.   Happily, I don’t have to agree to that lousy bargain – I just lean back against my upright leaning seat, reaping the rewards […]

Friday Link Bundle: Scent Secrets, Wellness Goods, and Ankylosing Spondylitis

  Here’s what the great interweb bestowed upon us this week.   Cool design thinking: this crib simulates an evening car ride to quiet tireless newborns via Hi Consumption   More on babies: this is why you think your baby’s head smells good via NY Mag   More on scent: this is why you can’t […]

6 Tips to Kick Your Sad Desk Lunch to the Curb

  If you’re like most people, you want to be sane, save money, and eat healthier. There are a lot of good reasons to prep your lunches ahead of time, especially when you find yourself with a cup of mac n’ cheese from Panera Bread every week…we speak from experience.   While it takes some […]

Friday Link Bundle: Zombie Exercise, Coconut Flour, and Co-living

  Here’s what the great interweb bestowed upon us this week.   The app Zombies, Run! uses audiobook storytelling to help you exercise. You need to run faster in order to collect survival supplies and escape zombies….amazing   This washer also dries and folds your clothes, via Dezeen   Have you noticed these new food […]

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