Love Thy Creative Mojo

  You’ve got your coffee, a badass playlist streaming, and your pile of work to tackle. You’re ready! And then…   Nothing. Your creative breakthrough eludes you. WHAT HAPPENED?   Your workplace undermined you, again. Whether you recognize it or not, your office has an impact on the way you think, learn, and create. By […]

What We’re Reading Now: The Sitting Disease by Heidi Roberts

Are you pain-free? If you are, you are either numb, in a small minority of the population, or already following much of Dr. Heidi Roberts’ new guidebook. If you’re not, now is a great time to get started on a pain free future.   We’ve been reading Roberts’ new guidebook, The Sitting Disease: Restore Your […]

Keep Moving!

  You work out, kale is your best friend, and if you drank more water you’d drown. You consider yourself a bit of a health nut. And, you are! Congratulations on making such great strides toward a long and healthy life.   So, why would anybody suggest that your work life may be undermining the […]

Focal Founder Martin Keen in 2018

  We recently grabbed a coffee with Martin Keen. We wanted to hear what the Focal Founder has in mind for 2018, but the conversation took a few twists and turns along the way – read on!   Focal Upright: You are originally from England. How has that shaped you? Has that had any impact […]

Workplace Magazine: Five Thumbs Up for Mobis II Bundle

  Five thumbs-up from Workplace Magazine for our Mobis II Bundle! We are thrilled to earn this distinction from the premier furniture industry journal.   We talk a lot about keeping movement going throughout the day, and how this is a key to an active and healthy lifestyle. The editors at WPM understand this important […]

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