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Biohacking 101

March 2, 2017  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Health

Is biohacking right for you? While no scientific definition formally backs the concept, biohacking implies the practice of self-improvement through targeted dieting, exercise, and physical experimentation. The idea is that you can only expect the best performance and resilience from your body (better focus, better sleep, better mood, better long-term health) if you pay careful attention to it (more sleep, better nutrition, more exercise, more practice).

Dave Asprey, among the first well-known biohackers and a tech entrepreneur making a business out of the practice, has invested $300,000 hacking his body, and vows to live to 180 years old. Sounds intense? You’re not wrong. Some devoted biohackers even implant microchips under their skin to meticulously track their health.

A telling article from Quartz profiles a strain of similarly extreme biohacking at Nootrobox, a brain supplement company based in San Francisco. Every Tuesday, the office participates in a collective 36-hour fast. Co-founder Geoffrey Woo explains the tradition as part of the office’s larger effort to implement computer-like control over their physical health: “that means being experimental and rigorous about inputs in the system. Measuring, quantifying and optimizing those inputs for specific outputs,” he explains. Woo calls the fast day “one of our most productive days of the week.”

Numbers-obsessed biohacking can have serious drawbacks–stress about body-image and potential health risks, to start. Biohacker Tim Ferris holds that anyone can practice modest “self experiment[s]” and “good amateur science” on their body: have a tablespoon of raw honey immediately before bed and see how it influences your night’s sleep, for instance. But going farther than a simple test like this is really up to personal preference and health. Here’s our plug: start out by testing how our active seating affects your productivity at work (we have risk-free returns). *Wink.*