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7 Energizing Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Standing Desk

September 23, 2016  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Health

Recharge with Yoga at your Desk
Katie Rowe Mitchell from Unfold Yoga and Wellness shows you seven quick yoga poses you can sneak in at your standing desk for a midday recharge.

1. Desk Tree:

Desk Tree Pose

Start by planting your feet firmly into the floor. Stand tall, lifting up through the crown of your head. Bend your right knee and dial it out to the right, placing your left hand on your desk for support. Raise your right arm and look up for balance, then take two lengthening inhales and exhales. Do the other side.

2. Desk Extended Side Angle:

Desk Extended Side Angle

Step your right foot back, and bend your left knee. Place your left forearm on your desk for support. Raise your right arm up and over your head, pressing down through your back heel and stretching through your side body. Reach through your fingertips, extending a little deeper
as you exhale. Do the other side.

3. Desk Dancer:

Desk Dancer Pose

Stand an arm’s distance away from your desk, bracing your hands on your desk. Raise your left foot from the floor, and reach behind to gently hold your ankle. Lift your chest and drop your left knee toward the floor as you stretch the front of your left thigh.

4. Desk Pyramid:

Desk Pyramid Pose

Step your left foot back, bracing both of your hands on your desk. Stretch into your hamstrings with both legs straight. Reach your chest toward your desk, inhaling to lengthen your spine, and exhaling to move your chest down and deeper into the pose.

5. Desk Pigeon:

Desk Pigeon

Start with your hands on your desk, then lift your left foot up and cross your ankle over your right thigh. Start to bend into your right knee. Move your left knee down toward the floor as you stretch into your hip–think of moving your hips down and back as your chest lifts forward and up. Uwind your legs and do the other side.

6. Desk Dog:

Desk Dog Pose

Place your hands on your desk and walk your feet back until your arms lengthen and your chest moves down. Bring your ears in line with your upper arms, press down through your feet, and straighten your legs as much as you can. Lift your sitz bones and press your inner thighs back.

7. Desk Crocodile:

Desk Crocodile Pose

Place your forearms on your desk, walk your feet back, and lower your forehead toward your hands. Close your eyes and breathe slowly into the stretch.

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