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3 Science-backed Benefits of Midday Workouts

August 18, 2015  |  Focal Team  |  Categories: Health


Need to convince your boss that a midday workout makes sense? Share these science-backed benefits and you will be headed to that lunchtime spin class in no time.

1. Boosts brain functioning
Feeling foggy or lost during that 11:00 meeting? Crossfit or a hard cardio workout could be the answer. One study found a 5-10% improvement in cognitive function among those who exercised during the day.

Ramp up the intensity with a lunchtime weightlifting or cardio dance class. Integrating activities into the day increases overall workplace wellness.

2. Encourages you to think outside the box
A recent study determined that a midday workout has an immediate and positive effect on your creative functioning. Moderate cardio exercise resulted in a two hour creativity boost immediately following that workout session.

Try going for a walk or hitting the gym for a treadmill workout right after lunch. The little bout of exercise will boost your creativity to kick off the afternoon.

3. Improves productivity and job satisfaction
Instead of staying late to finish a big project, try going for a jog halfway through the day. Another study found that giving employees a break to work out improved productivity. Plus, employees who work out during the workday are more satisfied with their jobs.

Ditch the Red Bull and try an afternoon spin class instead. It’ll keep your wheels turning for the rest of the day.